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Cooking for Isaiah by Silvana Nardone introduces a brand new kind of flour and stir-and-bake mixes—non-GMOgrain-free and refined sugar-free, which means they're good for just about everyone. Plus, my cookies and brownies look—and taste—like the real deal...exactly like you remember!

What's inside? That's easy—the fruits of nature.

For my Paleo Grain-Free Baking Flour and Mixes, I sourced Chestnut Flour from the Italian Alps, where following family tradition, the nuts are shelled, then slow-dried in ovens before stone-milling, which yields an uncommonly soft-textured flour and a 
characteristically neutral flavor.

My Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix and Double Chocolate Brownie Mix are lightly sweetened with unrefined, 100% Pure Vermont Maple Sugar, prepared by heating maple syrup until the temperature is about 45˚F above the boiling point of water, then letting it cool to about 200˚F and stirring it until all of the moisture evaporates. 


"The fact that there's no gluten or dairy in her recipes boggles my taste buds."

—Rachael Ray

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"The fact that everything Silvana makes is gluten-free is astonishing."

Food & Wine

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"Free of gluten and dairy, Silvana keeps finding ways to make us gluten- and dairy-free versions of our favorite foods." 
Food Network

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Silvana's recipes appear in national magazines and popular websites, including...

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Cooking for Isaiah™ by Silvana Nardone
gluten-free, paleo, grain-free and dairy-free flour blends give my family—and now yours—the freedom to cook and bake again. 

Paleo Certified Gluten-Free Certified Non-GMO



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